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Healthcare Heroes is a medical staffing provider that implements the use of cutting-edge technology and personalized solutions to connect healthcare workers with hospitals that provide fair compensation, a healthy work-life balance, and the benefits that help specialists achieve a fulfilled and meaningful life.
At Healthcare Heroes, we understand and respect medical professionals for devoting their lives to the well-being of others. From providing medical support to hospital staff to extending emotional support to families and patients during their tough times – healthcare experts do it all. This is the reason we are strongly committed to the cause of improving working conditions for healthcare workers by providing training opportunities and connecting you to reputable hospitals.


Nurse anaesthetists undergo extensive clinical training and are the highest-paid nurses in the US. Their primary duties are to administer the dosage of anaesthesia before, after, and during the surgery. They are also responsible for ensuring that a patient’s vitals are normal while administering the pain medication.


Physician Assistants work in family medicine, emergency medicine, and psychiatry to diagnose, examine, and treat patients. Additionally, they also work in teams to assist physicians and surgeons. If you are a physician assistant or you would like to work as one in a reputable hospital that provides flexible options and reasonable compensation – get in touch with us now!


Respiratory Therapists are extensively trained healthcare experts in cardio-pulmonary medicine. Their duty is to provide therapy to people suffering from acute critical conditions and pulmonary diseases. This includes oxygen to patients, managing ventilators, and administering drugs to the lungs.


Physical therapists are medical experts who specialize in helping patients engage in specific physical rehabilitation exercises to treat their muscular issues. Most patients who undergo physiotherapy suffer from an injury, illness or disability. Additionally, it also reduces the chances of injury to people.


Occupational therapists treat ill and injured patients and enable them to perform everyday activities. This is an essential area of medicine as it helps patients lead independent and fulfilled lives. However, they cannot diagnose patients. Occupational therapists may have to assist patients with tasks relating to movements, such as dressing and writing. This will help the patient:


Speech therapists specialize in human communication and its development, as well as cognitive communication and speech disorders. They diagnose and treat speech disorders that typically include children’s articulation and phonological disorders. These make it tough for children to communicate effectively.


Patient care technicians specialize in the use of medical technology to ensure proper administration of drugs and diagnosis of diseases. Their additional duties commonly include helping move patients around the clinic, assisting the nursing team, communicating patient needs with the supervisor to ensure the patient is comfortable and keeping the rooms clean and sanitized.


Whether you need more certified healthcare workers for a temporary or permanent position, or you are a healthcare professional who needs assistance with training and licensing – as a leading provider of medical staffing services, we can help you.

We understand that now more than ever, hospitals are facing a high demand for well-trained healthcare workers. At Healthcare Heroes, we believe in living up to our promises to both parties involved – healthcare workers and hospitals. We are dedicated to connecting healthcare workers who care deeply for patients – with hospitals that care for them.

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